Lesson Information

Shilo grazing after a lesson

Shilo grazing after a lesson.

Lessons are our specialty at Heavenly Horses. We focus on developing riders through a variety of horses and lesson plans. Each lessons is designed to be safe and fun while building foundational through advanced skills. We use creative and unique ways to teach proper technique and always provide lots of variety! Our program is not just riding. It is a from-the-ground-up, all-around, hands-on, horse experience. Along with their preferred riding discipline, students will learn how to:

  • Clean
  • Tack
  • Graze
  • Bathe
  • Build a relationship

Lessons are offered to students age 7 and older. We also serve a large number of adult students who have just taken up the sport or are returning after many years away from the saddle.

Students love their lessons!

Students love their lessons!

Group Lessons:

Group Lessons are 90 minutes in length. 60 minutes of instruction and 30 minutes of ground work (15 minutes before and after the scheduled lesson time for grooming, tacking, bathing and grazing). A variety of lesson levels are offered Monday through Saturday. We reserve earlier weekday lessons for our younger riders. We also offer several daytime options to homeschooled students to meet their PE requirements.

Number of Lessons Total price when paid by cash or check Price when paid through PayPal Average price per lesson
1 $40 $42 $40
5 $190 $196 $38
6 (New Student Only) $190 $196 $32
10 $378 $390 $37.80
20 $745 $766 $37.25
Monthly (4-5 per month based on number of weeks in month) $163 (must be sent by auto check from your financial institution) $167 $37.50

Semi-Private and Private Lessons:

We believe students learn best in group environments where they can observe others. We strongly encourage riders to participate in group lessons. There is a great deal of learning that occurs when students share the arena with other riders and horses. We offer a limited amount of 30 minute semi-private and private lessons for working through a specific challenge or goal. Semi-private are taught in groups of two.

Lessons on Trail-Parent-Child Student Ride on Shilo and Cherokee

Lessons on Trail. Parent & Child Student Ride.

Lessons on Trail:

As students reach an advanced level of riding, Heavenly Horses offers Lessons on Trail, giving another aspect of horsemanship. Lessons on Trail allow current students to enjoy riding while viewing God’s natural wonders. Please inquire at the barn or view our calendar for seasonal trail lesson opportunities.

 Getting Started:

Finding the right lesson for your skill level and goals is essential to having a great experience at Heavenly Horses. We offer barn tours and 15-minute riding assessments (for experienced riders) on Saturdays. A helmet will be provided but proper attire including jeans and heeled shoes are required for safety purposes. To schedule a tour, riding assessment, and class placement please contact us at heavenlyhorses57@gmail.com.

  1. Call to schedule a tour (and assessment if necessary)
  2. Complete and submit the Student Information Form found below
  3. Print, complete and return the waiver prior to your first ride (assessment or lesson) found below
  4. Review Policies and Student Code Of Conduct
  5. Purchase your Package or schedule your Payment
  6. Visit the Student Page for what to wear, necessary equipment and ball homework

Student Information Form:

Student Waiver:

Please print out, sign and return the PDF waiver below: