Sharon has been such a blessing to my daughter and to our family. My daughter was a timid girl who loved animals and HORSES. Now she has learned responsibility and her self confidence has blossomed.

Sharon loves kids and  teaching them about horses. I love her faith in the Lord. It shows in her loving, caring manner, and her every day talk AND actions. She is one of God’s beautiful clay master pieces!

Thank you, Sharon, and God bless you.

Lisa Jarratt

Round Lake Beach

Sharon is a patient and loving teacher. Her love for her horses is matched by the love she shows for the students and her helpers. It is wonderful to see the camaraderie and respect between she and her helpers.

I have watched my children truly learn horsemanship and not simply how to “ride.” Sharon ensures that the students learn about the personality of each horse and how to take the time to safely clean and saddle each horse prior to the lesson. She encourages the students to come early and stay after their lesson to become part of the world of horses. She doesn’t look at her watch to make you feel as though you are over-staying your welcome: she encourages it. She wants the students to truly learn about her beloved animals and in turn they learn to love and respect them.

Sharon provides a choice of gentle horses to ride for the students, which is rare as well. She will carefully match the horse to the beginner rider and then as they advance, give them a more challenging horse to further develop their skills. This enables the riders get to know the behaviors and temperament of various horses and understand each has different needs from them in order to ride them well. Over the past year and a half, my children have learned so much. It is truly amazing to see how they handle these big beasts with such confidence and ability.

The value of the lessons is unmatched. I consistently recommend Sharon to my friends. It has been such a great experience that I have even saddled up to take some lessons myself. It is great for the legs!

May God bless your continued hard work,

Jenny Manago

We knew we had chosen the right program from the first day my daughter started. She was greeted by Sharon and her staff as if we were family returning home and haven’t seen each other in a while. Since then they have become family. Sharon is an amazing instructor. Not only teaching the kids about horses and horsemanship, but also life lessons,and just being good people. Her faith in God and values is refreshing in this day and age.

Sharon has taught my daughter so much. Her confidence level is thru the roof. She is so proud of what she has accomplished and what she is looking forward to accomplishing in the future. From the time we leave lessons til the time we return,something about Heavenly Horses is talked about in our home. Could be the horse she rode that week or the horse she will ride the following week,or a ride she had months ago. Something funny a staff member did. Or something Mrs. C said. Heavenly Horses has become part of our everyday lives.

And it doesn’t stop with my daughter. After hearing that my dad was an old cowboy but had not been on a horse in 30 years,Sharon made it possible to let him ride again. She gave him time to tell his stories and share his pictures with students and staff. And best of all, ride side by side with his grandaughter.

And now I’m joining my daughter and taking lessons myself . You cannot help yourself but want to ride these amazing animals after watching all this week after week. I cannot say enough about Heavenly Horses. You need to experience it for yourself.

Tony Caldara, Lindenhurst

Gracie’s Top Ten Reasons Why She Loves Riding with Mrs. C by Gracie
1. she’s patient with us
2. she always thinks about our safety first in ridding
3. she lets us do stuff with the horses like grooming them
4. (peter & timmy would say this) she gives us hot coco and ice pops
5. the horses are awesome
6. she always believes in us that we are ready for something bigger and tougher even when we don’t believe it. ( like stetson or jumping)
7. friendly
8. she always explains things
9. makes lessons fun!
10. doesn’t do the same old thing day in and day out. ( basketball, velcrow catch, different ridding patterns, etc., etc., etc.)

Heavenly horses is a wonderful place to learn to ride! Mrs. C and her staff are fabulous! They are all so personable and really know horses. I love the fact that my children receive one on one attention. Their lessons are so much fun and educational. They really love Mrs. C. and look forward all week to their lessons.

Christine Schaefer

I highly recommend Heavenly Horses for both lessons and summer camp opportunities. Sharon is very knowledgable, patient, loving and encouraging with her students and they have such as positive connection to her. There is nothing in the world like the relationship between a girl and a horse….Sharon’s horses are all very special. Our involvement with Heavenly Horses has significantly improved my daughter’s self-confidence and self-esteem and helped us strengthen her core muscles, which are weak due to a medical condition. We are blessed to have found Heavenly Horses.

Kathy Hellwig


Wanted to say thank you again for the work on the horsemanship merit badge.

I hope this is a testimonial you can use on your website 🙂

An engaging and hands-on experience that was well supervised and enjoyed by all.  The boys really got a good grasp of what they needed to do and had ample opportunity to practice the skills they learned.  Well structured and the boys really had FUN!  I would recommend for any group seeking to earn the horsemanship merit badge.  Sharon and her staff are great to work with, and our troop has boys that can’t wait to go and experience the stables now that they are hearing the stories of the boys that attended.

Hope you have a merry Christmas.